1 Free Starbucks Coffee

As of the moment you are reading this article, we can also agree that this year has been an exceptional one and that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused an immense social, economic and healthy impact on the whole globe. The world has changed and froze at all levels. At such times, and amid every world pandemic, we should always remember the hard work that many first responders are providing us with, the sacrifices they make, and the efforts they do in order to keep sane, protected, and alive. It is of great importance to mention that no matter how much we do or say, it could be very little compared with their efforts, especially for those who have lost their lives while trying to treat others. As a simple thank you gest, Starbucks is launching an initiative to thank first responders and front-line workers who have all contributed in dealing with this pandemic and responding to the nation’s call in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It has been an extraordinarily difficult year, especially for the front-line responders who are serving our communities,” Virginia Tenpenny, Starbucks vice president for global social impact, said in a news release. “We want to show our deep gratitude for those who support and protect us every day with a small gesture of kindness and a cup of coffee.”

2 Who is eligible?

Starbucks has recently announced that until the end of December any person who identifies as a front-line worker, will receive a free cup of coffee whether hot or iced. It’s possible that one may be wondering who is eligible to get this free give away. To list, any health worker, be it a doctor, a nurse, a dentist is eligible to benefit from this offer. Also, all military personnel serving in any force whether the police, the military, firefighters, or the police members are also eligible for this offer. Not to forget, janitors or personnel responsible for sanity services are too eligible to benefit from this offer since they too have been battling in order to keep everything running as it should be and working together to keep the hospitals clean and disinfected.

3 A Good Deed by Starbucks

Bringing up the rear, one should take a moment in order to meditate and think about all the severe damage that this current has caused and left millions of front line workers, doctors, nurses, medical personnel, and military members dealing with every day, for a year. One could only imagine the severe healthy and emotional damage these fighters are projecting themselves to while trying to protect us and save lives. It is true that many front line responders have lost their lives due to the virus, and it is well known that no matter how much we did, it can be only too little comparing with the efforts that they gave for us. By starting such a generous initiative, Starbucks not only thanked the medical and military stuff but also raised awareness for the whole world to help fight against the virus. You can only imagine that his contributions would be too insignificant, yet it is always important to help fight more, raise more awareness, and help fight the virus even more.

4 An Extension

This initiative is not the first of its kind, at least for this year by Starbucks. Starbucks has already announced that she is giving away free cups of coffee to front line workers that are battening against Covid in late March until May and has declared that about 2 million personnel have altogether benefited from this offer.

5 Starbucks’ contribution

It should be noted that this is not the sole contribution that Starbucks has made amid the pandemic. The chain has already given a $100,000 donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness as it has also vowed to give care packages and gift cards to about 50,000 front line responders as it hoped that more brands will join in the action and express their appreciation to the efforts provided by heath line workers and other military and non-military personnel that have all in contributed in the fight against the virus.

6 Starbucks Contest

As you read this article about Starbucks giveaways for front line workers, it would be a good chance for you to find out about other offers of coffee giveaways that Starbucks is offering. To mention, Starbucks launches its annual “Starbucks for Life” contest on Tuesday as it has informed that it will give winning cards to lucky participators. To explain, Starbucks Rewards members will participate in contest where they can win one of five deals of free coffee for life, for a period of time that goes for 30 years of everyday coffee. This contest is yet unique and tempting, since it has immensely surpassed all other Starbucks offers such as free coffees for a month, three months, six months or a year. The price for Starbucks for Life is worth in total a sum of $61,242 which is a lot of money to save for a daily cup of coffee.

“Our hope with this is to reignite the movement of gratitude and to show those on the front line how much they are appreciated,” Virginia Tenpenny, Starbucks vice president of global social impact said. She then also added, “For us, we believe that one way we can do this is by offering a free cup of coffee.” By saying so, Starbucks declared that the only way they could say “Thank You” is by giving a free cup of coffee as it is their business domain.

7 A Tip for You

It is always crucial to remind people that any gesture, is good enough to express gratitude for those who have been fighting at the front line, it could be a cup of coffee, a free meal, a single flower, or even a small prayer to thank whoever has been there fighting for us and keeping us sane.


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