In a meeting with CDC consultants on Monday, doctors urged that public health officials and drug manufacturers need to warn people that the coronavirus vaccine may have some serious side effects, so they know what will happen and are not afraid to get the first two doses. These recommendations were made as states prepare to distribute potentially life-saving vaccines as early as next month.

Vaccination against COVID-19: What will happen?

The development of the COVID-19 vaccine is a highly unprecedented and popular treatment that can prevent the spread of a deadly pandemic. Although we have many promising candidates preparing to launch a vaccine in the earliest time frame, this is the first time that a vaccine for this new infection has been developed in such a rapid manner. Once the vaccination begins, this also leaves room for many side effects we may face.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine may not be easy

Although no vaccine is without side effects, and most of the vaccines we currently have are considered safe and effective, doctors and pharmaceutical companies warn that getting a COVID-19 vaccine is no easy task. Many people may be allergic to injections or are more likely to experience strange side effects after receiving the injections, which may make them afraid of getting additional injections, which are needed in two-dose treatment programs such as Pfizer and Moderna.

What side effects did the volunteers experience?

Participants who volunteered to participate in some of the leading vaccine trials now describe experiencing some mild, lingering, and in some cases even “completely strange” side effects.
If we want vaccination programs to be truly effective and protect billions of people at risk, we also need to be aware of the loopholes before us and be prepared for it. After all, the development of vaccines is only half of the fight against infectious diseases.

Is experiencing side-effects bad post-vaccination?

Side effects can be scary, but they are not very dangerous. First, if the COVID-19 vaccine carries potentially life-threatening complications, it will not be approved for use. Second, side effects are an example of our body’s excessive effort to produce a strong immune response. We tell you some side effects that we must be prepared for, and now doctors are most worried about :

  1. Fever and chills

A participant in the Moderna trial described in detail the pain of suffering from breaking-bone chills and fever. A few hours after he was inoculated with the needle, the fever reached 102 degrees Fahrenheit. However, he confirmed that the symptoms resolved on their own within a few hours, and no other medical assistance was required. It should be stated that fever and chills are the two most generally reported side effects of the Moderna vaccine. When they disappear by themselves, the intensity of the pain varies from person to person. When the body begins to produce antibodies, the increase in inflammation markers may also cause low or high fever, accompanied by redness and swelling.

  1. Headache

Another possible symptom that we must be prepared for is a headache. Similarly, the vaccine injection will be accompanied by signs of inflammation, headaches, and mild pain. Stress, irritability, drowsiness, and other system reactions may also occur. Statistics also show that more than 50% of people experience mild to moderate tic headaches at any time when vaccinated against any infection.

  1. Nausea and vomiting

Vaccinations may also affect the gastrointestinal system. A volunteer said that in the Moderna trial in May, she was selected to receive the highest dose of the vaccine. After the vaccine, she felt “fallen” for many hours after the injection. Some of the symptoms she experienced after the shot included nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and fatigue. She also reported symptoms after syncope, which may be an adverse reaction that we should be aware of.

4. Muscle pain and soreness

It is a common phenomenon to have soreness and muscle pain around the skin where the vaccine is injected. Redness and rash may also be an immune response from your body. Currently, all three vaccine candidates competing for Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford-AstraZeneca have recorded muscle pain and soreness, which are reactive side effects of their vaccines.

5. Migraines

Even though your health department might not encourage you for it, you should go to a hospital for getting yourself treated against any viral infection. However, there are certain medical practitioners who have a conflict of interest between the pharmaceutical companies and the hospital. These doctors might try to save their company’s money. So, if you wish to get proper treatment, you should get admission to a major medical hospital. The immunity of a person might decrease after the age of 25. Do not let this disease destroy your life and get rid of all your hopes. There is a solution to this problem and that is through vaccination. So, why wait?


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