We have been taught that osteoporosis is only relative to how much milk we drink, yes, the amount of milk can be a factor. However, there are others that are also contributing to our bones becoming weaker, and the more we get older, the more we are affected.

Small actions with consistency can make the change; in fact, we can say that some of our bad habits can increase the chance of osteoporosis without even knowing about it. Therefore, we can ask the questions : What causes osteoporosis? and How to treat it?
on the next pages you will find 15 of the habits that can lead to this effect.


1- Taking your weight loss goals to the limit :

As we believe, knowing the cause of a problem helps a lot to avoid it. So avoid some habits can be an osteoporosis treatment. You may think, “How can dreaming of losing weight have a negative impact?” But, the Harvard School of Public Health informs that having a weight under the 127 pounds, or being under the 21 as a body mass index, can be a factor of osteoporosis. In addition, as an osteoporosis treatment guideline, they advise by resistance training to help keep both muscles and bones working and in a good health. And, in the same time, you have to avoid diets that keep you away of important food groups.


2 -Having multiple late-afternoon cocktails :

This one can be tricky a little bit. Because it’s a part of the known Mediterranean diet, and some studies as well, confirm that having a glass of red wine in the evening is helpful for heart health. But, here is the problem, when things take over. Binge drinking alcohol in general in your youth hood can also lead to osteoporosis later on. To be concise, too much alcohol will negatively affect your health, especially your bones hardness.


3- Becoming a professional couch potato :

It’s obvious, if you are not improving you are dead. Every living being follows the rule. As WebMD summarizes: “Bones weaken if they aren’t worked.” 

No one can disagree that nothing good come from sitting on the couch, and being lazy all day long. Moreover, it increases the risk of osteoporosis. To get over the risk you can do some basic activities, walking, or carrying things can help to keep your bones healthy and strong.


4- wearing unsupportive shoes:

Yeah, most of time we don’t pay attention to the majority of these small decisions, but it has an impact for the long term. We have just said that walking can be good to your bones, but it’s also important to give them the support they need. It means supportive shoes.


Unfortunately, most of stylish shoes don’t have the needed support, as high heels as super-flat shoes, both are terrible for feet and ankles. So, as an alternative, we suggest wearing shoes with cushion and arch support they can be a better choice.

5- Avoiding Sunlight:

Everyone knows that sunlight is full of vitamin D, and that it can help your body absorbing an important amount of calcium, and also that it’s very essential for bones health. That means if you are hiding yourself from the sunlight and keep working in dark environments, you are wasting a very great source of energy that helps you avoiding the osteoporosis.


6- Drinking too much coffee:

As we mentioned while talking about wine, a cup of coffee can help you to stay awake. But the habit of drinking a huge quantity of coffee can also negatively affects your bones health. We have thoughts that too much coffee or cola is linked to bone density problems in women, yes the connection is not clearly understood or explained. But if you want to be on the safe side, you can replace the cup of coffee by a one of tea, at least it doesn’t hurt your bone health.

What we can get from this is: we can gain energy from coffee, but a lot of it can cost us our health.


7- Maintaining your soda addiction:

We can explain the addiction to coffee by looking for energy, but how can we explain soda addiction? Clearly that no benefits to it. Moreover, we’ve just mentioned that cola is largely linked to osteoporosis, because the phosphoric acid leaches calcium out of the bone as Cleveland Clinic confirms. In addition, drinking soda leads to drinking less milk, which leads to weaker bones.


8- Trying the trendiest elimination diet

These new diets that keep on spreading, saying that you can get slim by eliminating foods, can be a great danger to your bones. Because, be the name of “clean eating” you cut out foods that used to help your bones by lot of needs. So if you just cut dairy or calcium rich foods out of your eating habits without replacing them, then be sure that your bones’ health is at risk


9- Eating too much meat

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We are going back again with the story of, some of it can be healthy, but much of it can negatively affect. By this we mean a little of meat every now won’t kill you, but when it becomes a habit, that increases osteoporosis risk. We can explain this by the rise of protein, which causes the kidneys to excrete calcium, so if the calcium is not here for the bones they become weaker. It means that a plenty of lean protein can make your diet good, but much of it can turn out to the opposite.


10- Ignoring your sleep issues

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In the 2020, and the development of the technology tools, it became very common among us to dismiss sleeping problems which are a source of stress etc. well, dismissing a problem make it bigger. University Health News Daily confirms, “sleep apnea is strongly associated with inflammation, one of the major causes of bone loss.” And the researchers are exploring to discover more about the link between sleep apnea and osteoporosis. In the end, you don’t have to ignore your sleep issues because it’s surely affect your health.


11- Smoking:

Yes, it’s very obvious, but after all it has to be reiterated. The Harvard School of Public Health tells that smoking for women is a great danger for the bones, and make them reach menopause earlier, also, with a higher postmenopausal fracture rate. Which explains how much smoking can be dangerous four our health.


12- Salty snacks :

A salty snack would hurt your waistline for sure, and not only that but it also impact you bones as well. In these snacks, sodium is used with high quantities, and that can elevates calcium excretion through urine. And it’s mentioned previously that more your body take calcium out, more you bones will need. So, with simple words, more salty snacks means more sodium, means lack of calcium for bones.


13- Not looking into your family history :

Well, research is still progressing to know what genes can contribute to osteoporosis, but it’s already clear that there is a very strong link. So, having an idea if osteoporosis runs in family can give a chance to counter it. We know that looking for family’s medical history can be an unwanted job, but it can help. You can visit an orthopedic doctor to seek for help as well etc.


14- Not getting a bone density test :

We all have the habit of denying the doctors’ visit, but you know? Even if you have no symptoms, only if one of your parents has a broken bone, the CDC recommends seeing a doctor. You have to check the density of your bones regularly.

A quick search in google “orthopedic near me” you’ll find the nearest orthopedic to you, so make an appointment!


15- Avoiding the warning signs :

What you have to put in mind, osteoporosis is not an illness, it won’t go away that easily. And it can’t be completely reversed. Which means that ignoring the pain with a hope that will go away without any treatment is totally wrong. Instead of wasting time in some illusions, you have to study the treatments and management options for osteoporosis.

[expander_maker id=”2″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]By that said, we can remind that the disease of osteoporosis has many results the most obvious and dangerous is osteoporotic fracture which is caused due to the weakness in bones, but also there are some treatments that can help out like forteo injection. By mentioning them here we invite you to look for them and have more information about.[/expander_maker]


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