You constantly communicate to people using your body and in this article we look at 5 things you should avoid to give off a negative image

  1. Looking at the Ground:
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  • You should avoid looking at the ground when you speak to people…
  • … as doing so makes you appear shy and lacking self esteem and confidence, which can give a negative self image.
  • Even moreso, it could make you appear to be disinterested, which could be perceived as being rude behaviour by the other person.
  • So look at people, show affirmative actions such as nodding and engage in conversation.
  1. Ingenuine Smile:
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  • People are extremely perceptive and will know when you are faking a smile so it’s best to avoid it altogether
  • A genuine smile comes from more than just your mouth and can be seen in your entire face, particularly in your eyes.
  • There if you smile, make it genuine and think of happy thoughts when doing so…
  • …because while a genuine smile is an attractive feature, a fake smile comes across as ingenuine.

3.Checking the Time:

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  • Avoid overtly checking the time when youspeak to someone, unless you have a clear reason to do so, such as you’re both headedsomewhere for a set time.
  • Looking at your watch signals that you donot want to be there and that you have more important things to be doing, which can comeacross as being rude
  • If you are on a schedule or need to be somewhere, it’s best to be honest…
  • …and politely let the other person know that you have an engagement and excuse yourself.
  1. Touching Your Face:
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  • It’s normal to feel a little itch you need to scratch now and again, but this should be infrequent.
  • This is because repeatedly touching your face while speaking with someone is an indication that you are lying.
  • Which can make it appear that you’re feeling discomfort during the course of the conversation…
  • …or that you are ingenuine in what you say, making people more distrusting of you as an individual.
  1. Appearing Nervous :
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  • People can be put off when you appear nervous or agitative during a conversation and may exhibit similar behaviour themselves as a result .
  • This can be you constantly tapping your foot throughout a conversation…
  • …or sitting on the edge of your seat and constantly shifting and fidgeting with your hands.
  • Instead, it’s important to try and stay calm and relaxed, as again, the other person is likely to reciprocate similar behaviour and emotions.


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