Studies have shown To Do lists can be highly beneficial for our productivity.
This article will give 5 tips to making your To Do List :

1) Select A Method:

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  • The traditional way to write a To Do list is to use pen and paper…
  • …but today there are a variety of ways. to write To Do lists, including apps.
  • The apps often offer different features to help you organize and manage your list…
  • …to make it easy for you to keep on top of it.

2) Keep It Short :

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  • Try to keep your To Do list relatively short, ideally around 5 items for a day .
  • This will make it feel less intimidating. to look at, making you more motivated as a result.
  • Doing this will also force you to prioritize tasks, focusing on those more important…
  • …and acknowledging those you may like to do, but aren’t necessary to complete.

3) Break Down Tasks :

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  • For each item on the To Do list, try to break down items where possible into a list of smaller tasks.
  • This helps you organize your thoughts, and plan effectively how to complete the item.
  • For example, if you want to write a report…
  • …break down the structure of the report. and which sections you will complete first.

4) Write Time Required :

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  • Write how long you think you need for each item on your To Do list.
  • This should be the least time you think you need to complete the tasks…
  • …as per Parkinson’s Law, if you build in contingency, you will use up that time regardless.
  • Doing this will help you assess how long each tasks requires and the feasibility of completing the items on the To Do list in the day.

5) Write Why You Need To Do Each Item :

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  • Write why you need to do each item on your To Do list…
  • …as this will contextualize the purpose of the item .
  • This action can also serve to motivate you, as you focus on the purpose towards which you are working towards…
  • …which draws you towards it, rather than you feeling the need to push yourself to take action.


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