We all love Social Media in one form or another, but here are some things to be wary of with Social Media

1) Depression and Anxiety :

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  • Unfortunately Social Media can increase depression and anxiety.
  • This can be caused by multiple factors…
  • …such as feeling a lack of self worth, when comparing yourself to others.
  • Or from negativity that can compound on social media.

2) FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) :

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  • Many on Social Media portray success in a specific way…
  • …of living a lavish lifestyle and earning huge sums of money.
  • This can lead to people feeling like they’re missing out.
  • Particularly with the latest fashions or trends.

3) Cyber bullying :

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  • The Internet and Social Media are still in their infancy.
  • Therefore, it’s still difficult to monitor activity.
  • Leading to bullying online, which can often be a continuation of bullying in real life.

4) Negative Perception :

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  • It’s easy to have the wrong perception of others on Social Media.
  • This is because it’s easy to compare yourself to others…
  • …who appear to lead exciting lives.
  • It’s worth remembering, you only see the highlights on Social Media.

5) Scamming

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  • Due to the challenges of monitoring online activity…
  • …scammers often try to take advantage of vulnerabilities.
  • Be wary of suspicious activity online…
  • …and report it if possible .


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