How to Control Anger Issues

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many people struggle with anger and as a result it’s viewed as a negative emotion that is better suppressed than embraced like all emotions. if anger is left uncontrolled it can be detrimental to your life, but at the same time if controlled it can be the driving force that you have. in this article we look at how someone used their anger to propel their success this article is going to take a slightly different shape, as I want to tell you a story about a boy now this boy grew up in poverty and had an abusive mother and a drink addicted father, his childhood was difficult at times and bearable and in order to try and find moments of peace, he would have to lock himself in his room with nothing, but his thoughts it was in these moments alone, he would become angry about his circumstance, the idea that two parents people who are meant to show their children love despite, all things could disdain his very existence left him bitter and resentful it was no better at school, the boy would go and he would see the other children like him, but happy those children had love showered on them at home and he had nothing, this would result in him getting into fights getting suspended and forced to spend more time in a home with parents who brought him even greater misery ,you see in these moments we have to take stock of two factors in the boy’s life.

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