How to be Successful and stay Motivated !

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everyone wants to have something they want to achieve, it might be a big house, it might be a family, it might be the dream jobs that you voice I hope to have ultimately successes always built on some of the principles and all successful people will adhere to these principles in one way or another so before I get into the principles I would like you to indulge me for a moment as I talk about a personal experience when I was young I was driving with my family on the motorway and alongside us pulled up Alexis Bank band Alexis wasn’t a curious car it was a white box shaped quite awkward looking car but I could tell it was class and it had a lot of elegance. my brother spoke to my father at that moment in time and he said to my father we need his car to which my father responded yes but it’s also expensive now growing up in a working or blue middle-class family we didn’t have a lot of money luxuries for ourselves so when I looked at this Lexus I thought to myself it’s the absolute dream for me, it’s so financial stability to be able to achieve anything I want today I assure my Lexus has a billion different gadgets most of it should ideally but ultimately I can say to great satisfaction because I’ve achieved a goal in my life now in order to achieve this goal as with any goal in life we need to make sure that you have a clear vision.

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