WHY, HOW MUCH and WHEN to drink water

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probably not that much many of us know the benefits of drinking water but where we tend to failed is knowing how much is the right amount, however if you’re not sure why keep you hydrated is so important that’s how quick overview, water helps maintain and regulate your body fluids which are used for digestion absorption circulation creation of saliva transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature, water also helps unlock calories many of us strive to reduce our calorie intake and struggle doing so but drinking water actually helps satiate hunger and helps unnecessary intake of calories that you may get from other less healthy drink,s water helps prevent muscle fatigue by ensuring the balance of fluids in the muscles and preventing electrolytes from shivering, water helps in previous game by keeping it moisturized smooth and in its healthiest state, water boosts your immune system and helps fight viruses and other illnesses, water helps improve your mood as it helps your body feel at its best giving your mental boost and confidence, water helps to remove toxins from your body.

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